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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When I Met You~

My heart was broken many times before.
When I had met you, my heart was hopeless.
It felt like a black hole replaced it.
I did not want to feel anything for anyone because
     eventually I'd be back to where I was.
Upon our first encounter, I saw beneath the initial
     awkwardness and silence.
When I really got to look into your eyes, 
I saw something special.
I cannot trully say what that was then and still am not
     able to express that now.
All I can say is with those eyes and your smile, 
my heart started to restore.
As time grew so did what I felt for you, 
it was more than friends for me.
When you asked me if I would want to make this
     official, my heart leaped.
My heart began to feel hope again as well as many
     emotions it had not felt in a long time.
I still at times still cannot believe you asked me.
Through our relationship so far, we have had our ups and
     downs, but hey who doesn't.
You have never given up, nor will I.
I will treasure each moment with you, 
even if I do not always show it, 
believe me it's your presence I enjoy the most.
All I really want at times is just to be in your arms and
     looking into those eyes and just talking.
Your smile still means the world to me, 
I can picture it in my head and then I smile.
Your eyes still hold something special to me, 
eyes hold the truth and also the secrets of the heart.

All together with all your features whether they might be
     good or bad or even switch at times, you still mean the world to me.
Even if your heart is yet unsure of how it feels,
 mine is sure and always wants me to express it.


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