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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet 21 my liltle sista'

Dear my Luvly sis Nazihah,

Enjoy this special birthday 
you're 'Twenty One' today
there are so many things 
believe me that I want to say. 

Like thank you for being a Sister 
the greatest one on Earth
If I could give the World I would 
as to me that's what your worth.

Without you for my Sister
believe me, I'd be lost,
I wouldn't be without you
not at any cost.

This is my big 'Thank You'
a birthday card and more,
for a Sister whom I happen
to absolutely adore. 

With All My Love
On Your
21st Birthday 

Will post entry for her celebration..
Till then, just wait okeh!
Thanks for read my blog~


liyana said...

wah due2 comel mate bulat hitam gitu. awww!!! jeles oke! hehe

RedLife2Love said...

tula pasal.. dia nak tiru mata cam aku gaks.. hehe =P

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