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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

"Happy Father's Day" means more than have a happy day.. within those words lie lots of things we never get to say.. it means we love our dad first of all.. then thanks for all he do.. it means he mean a lots to us.. and that we honor him.. but most of all, I guess it means that we are thinking of.. His happiness on this, beautiful DAY!!!!

To Dearest Aboh,
You mean so very much to me
And I want you to know
That you are always in my heart
No matter where I go
You're always giving, always there
To help in any ways
The loving things you've done to me
I could never repay
I can't imagine what I'd do
Without the love you give
I'll treasure your sweet heart of gold
As long as I shall live

My beloved Aboh, 
Syed Ali Alhadi

I love you even more~
Happy Father's Day!


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